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2011-01-21 09:51:45 by Drallius

%u200E"Everything you need is around you.
The only danger is inside you."


2010-11-16 17:03:21 by Drallius


Mother Russia

If you comment this...

2010-04-23 17:32:08 by Drallius

...Ill put on comment on your blog post.

Michael Moore Hates America

2010-04-11 11:56:01 by Drallius

He does.

Alcoholics Anonymous

2010-02-26 23:02:25 by Drallius

Dream Theater - 12-step Suite


2010-01-23 20:08:01 by Drallius

Wo bist du?

Scott Brown

2010-01-22 14:50:51 by Drallius

Scott Brown won the Senate election in MA. Maybe that means the United States is still alive.

Lucifer Sam, Siam Cat

2010-01-08 22:17:28 by Drallius

That cat's something I can't explain.


2009-12-17 19:01:43 by Drallius

What's making these watermelons wiggle?!