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2009-11-14 15:13:48 by Drallius

My name is Lucifer please take my hand.


2009-10-31 10:07:37 by Drallius

Punk Ass Bitch

The Ed Show

2009-10-15 19:38:53 by Drallius

Ed Schultz is a complete moron and a failure at reality.


2009-09-27 11:24:41 by Drallius

Now the world is gone...I'm just one


2009-09-21 18:49:18 by Drallius

Barack Obama is a liar and an asshole. No I'm not racist you ignorant liberal fuck.


2009-09-19 15:21:02 by Drallius

I have a I snorted some cinnamon. It burned a little.


2009-09-10 14:53:46 by Drallius

It's a punky reggae party and it's tonight!

On it said "I call shenanigans" in a red bar below the search box. WTF why was that there? lOl

When asked what he thought about Shell Suits, Presedent Barack Obama replied:

"Yeah I'm the only person I know who wears them. I wear them to sleep, at work, at school, outside, at church, at the dentist, at the store, in my basement, when I'm having sex, while swimming, when I'm playing guitar, when I'm chillin' with my homies, at the beach, when I get arrested, when I'm wrestling with my partner, when my moms cooking me dinner, while drinking tea, in a plane, while I'm skateboarding, while sky diving, while I'm on the toilet, while listening to The Beatles, when I'm in Iraq killing terrorists, while I'm at shell suit conventions, while executing Saddam Hussein, when I'm playing with myself, while trying on new bras over my shell suit, while I'm answering questions on Yahoo! Answers, while I'm driving, while I'm in my spaceship. while I'm on the moon, while eating Mentos, while listening to Django, while tuning my guitar, while picking out my next shell suit to wear, while brushing my hair, when I retire, while eating Doritos, while playing harmonica, while performing surgery, while reading the bible, while being the richest man in the world, while blazin' it up, while drinkin' beer, while doin' coke, you're a fag, at the movies, while getting a haircut, when I'm in court in front of the judge, while passing a touchdown to T.O., while winning the super bowl, while winning the Stanley Cup, while committing mass murder, while watching myself on America's Most Wanted, while taking/posting Myspace pics, while making homemade porno videos, while hosting America's Funniest Home Videos, while being a judge on American Idol, while winning the lottery, while climbing Mount Everest, while SCUBA diving, while winning gold medals in the Olympics, while making Ramen noodles, while hearing cases at court, while winning medals in the Special Olympics, while winning a Nobel peace prize, while becoming president, while conquering England, while settling the west, while building pyramids in Egypt, while I'm writing stupid stuff to random people on the computer, while your moms over, while fighting a bear, while escaping from Alcatraz, while working at McDonalds, while stealing from bums, while standing in a field of flowers, when I'm sleeping, while brushing my teeth, while watching Clerks 2, I add on four inches while wearing a shell suit, while sending people viruses, while bombing the world trade center, while being executed, while running al-Qaeda, while chasing Osama bin Laden, while running for governor, while playing Super Mario Bros, while selling girl scout cookies, while earning merit badges, when i killed J.F.K., while starting rebellions, while joining mosh pits, while escaping from Auschwitz, when bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while running concentration camps, while wiping my butt crack, while hiding Adolf Hitler in my basement, Hitler wears them too, while wrestling alligators, while selling crack to 10 year olds' behind a local elementary school, while jamming out with Slash, while robbing graves, while making pumpkin pie, in a cave, in a library, while playing the mandolin, while composing symphonies, while summoning the dead, while banging a martian, while running the Mafia, when i killed Biggie and Tupac and old man Lincoln, when i lead the north side to victory in the American Civil War, when i killed Julius Caesar, while drinking Moxie, while smashing beer cans on my head, while dancing like Spongebob, while instigating a volcano, while learning the harmonica instantly, while committing identity theft, while prank calling pizzas to peoples' houses, while laughing like a little girl, while picking out lint from my belly button, while wearing a shell suit. That's about it though; basically everything else I do I'm just wearing regular clothes."


2009-09-07 20:54:00 by Drallius nquistaReelectio970719.html

Ass holes. People are too stupid to realize what illegal immigrants are doing. The American population needs to smarten

"The difficulty was that it made all these people who are illegal, criminals. There's a big difference between being illegal and being criminal." -Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, criticizing an immigration reform...

Mexico is trying to take over the southwest states, including at least California and Texas.